Goal: accurately define the problem before seeking a solution. Identify & investigate as thoroughly as possible all the factors which could affect the project:

  • Budget – a key piece of the process which is identified up front, and tracked through the lifespan of the project.
  • Functional Requirements – Your requirements for the scope of the project.
  • Code or agency driven constraints.
  • Site/environmental factors.
  • Imagery & Identity. Describe the desired qualities, look and feel. Discuss clipping, online images & and idea books.
  • Vision/Mission Statement

Goal: create groundwork for efficient workflow

Measure & create 3D BIM model, a central element of our process, which allows for real time 3D navigation, enhanced visualization and improved coordination through linked drawing files.

Goal: establish a preliminary direction by exploring options

Brainstorm several loose, sketchy design alternatives. Explore and compare all the viable options (2d plans & simple 3D) to determine the best design direction to pursue.

Goal: develop a detailed virtual building

Refine and add detail to the chosen design direction. develop lighting, finishes, cabinetry fenestration and other architectural detail. BIM technology insures that what we see in 3D translates accurately to what will be communicated in the next phase.

Click here to view a 3D model sample

I. Permit documents

Goal: satisfy agency requirements simply & efficiently

Rather than providing the same drawings to building/planning and contractor, we provide just the right amount of information for a smooth process with the city.

II. Construction Documents

Goal: effectively communicate design the builder

A well defined scope of work = accurate, apples to apples bids with minimal surprises & up charges.

Goal: navigate the permitting process strategically & expeditiously

Apply extensive experience navigating a system which is often imperfect & frustrating.

Goal: find the builder that can best deliver a successful project.

We have been around the block with many contractors over the years, and have the experience to circumvent many of the pitfalls, and to pull from the ones we know can deliver the desired product. Typically we bid out to several contractors, utilizing our experience & alliances to find a builder best suited for the project.

Goal: maintain the desired end product

While we strive to provide adequate information up front, there are inevitably questions, changes, clarifications & unforeseen circumstances which come up. We act as your agent until the end, making sure construction is going as intended.